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The MOU are signed on the prospect that both the institutions collaborate on developing the joint academic and research co-operation between the two institutes.

• The Scope of MoU
The scope of MoU is to define a mechanism to promote interdisciplinary research, impart vocational and skill oriented training and other programs to benefit persons of both organizations, academic activities leading to academic excellence, new knowledge generation, innovative technology development, professional skill and competence development, vocational training capacity building and many such activities through collaboration and networking of Institute and Industry.

• Objectives of MoU
Virtual Centre for Interdisciplinary Research :
The center should take the support of national and international academia and other industries to provide maximum benefit to student community in terms of:
a) Developing new pattern of course involving interdisciplinary research.
b) Student intern program.
c) Skill oriented training and vocational course.
d) Dissertation project U.G., P.G. and Research student.
e) Technology development and demonstration.
f) Capacity building and human resource development for the Faculty Scientists and practicing personal of industry and others.
g) Information education and communication on product and process development and other topics of mutual interest.
h) An interdisciplinary laboratory on pharmaceutical process and particle engineering to solve the issues relating to manufacturing cost, product efficacy, safety and bioavailability related to pharmaceutical medicines.

Exchange/Deputation of Staff:
To exchange faculty/technical personnel on full-time/part time basis for a limited period not exceeding one year at a time for the purpose of implementation of joint tasks within the areas of co-operation. That the faculty/staff and research fellows registered for Ph.D. degree may visit the other institution for a short period in connection with their research work under joint collaboration program. That the faculty/technical personnel will be encouraged to deliver lectures/invited talks in the other organization.

Joint Conference/Workshop/Courses:
Both the parties agree to hold/conduct, whenever feasible, national events, Joint workshops, conferences, training programs within the areas of mutual interest.

Sharing of Facilities:
The two organizations agree to share their respective important R & D facilities in order to promote academic and research in the areas of cooperation to intensity the high priority area program of science and technology. Both the organizations agree to share and utilize equipments, facilities, hardware, software and other materials & components developed in house in the area of co-operation if advisable within the framed rules governing both the organizations. Access to laboratory, library and other supporting facilities for jointly supervised UG, PG and Research will be provided by both institutes.

Projects Work of Students:
Selected students of U.G., P.G. and research in the respective areas of specialization of University will be allowed at a time for project work at industry. Students will work in the areas of mutually agreeable areas identified by the both organizations.

✽ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) List

Sr. No. Name Of Industry / Organization / Institute Date of MoU
1 SMBST College, Sangamner. 19/06/2018
2 Scitech Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Musalgaon, Sinnar 19/12/2017
3 Pharmanza Herbal Pvt. Ltd. (PHPL), Kaniya, Gujrat. 15/07/2017
4 Orchid Scientific and Innovative India Pvt. Ltd., Ambad, Nasik 30/01/2017
5 Holden Medical Laboratories Private Ltd., Malegaon, Sinnar 30/01/2017
6 Reve Pharma, Musalgoan, Sinnar 30/01/2017
7 MGV’S Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Nasik 30/01/2017
8 Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kopargaon. 15/06/2015
9 Gokhale Advanced Training Institute, Jalgaon 20/06/2018
10 JSPM’S Rajarshi Shau College of Pharmacy and Research, Tathawade, Pune-33. 18/12/2018


Institute had received High Pressure Homogenizer (Cost 12 Lack Rupees) for Research Work from Orchid Scientific Ltd.

Amrutvahini College of Pharmacy
Amrutvahini College of Pharmacy

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