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College Development Committee

College Development Committee

Sub. : Constitution of College Development Committee as per Maharashtra Public Universities Act (MPUA) 2016, section 97(1).

Ref. : SPPU Letter CA/576 dated 10th June, 2017 (copy enclosed)

As per the Maharashtra Public Universities Act (MPUA) 2016, Section 97 (1) an affiliated college should constitute a College Development Committee. The working and authority of such constituted committee will be in accordance with and as stipulated under Section 97 (5) of the above said MPU Act 2016. Accordingly, we hereby propose to constitute the College Development Committee of the Institute consisting of the following members:


Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr. Balasheb Gunjal Patil President
2 Dr. Sudhir Bhaskarrao Tambe Local member
3 Mrs. Sharyutai Ranjitsinha Deshmukh Local member
4 Mr. Anil Baburao Shinde Local member
5 Dr. Kishor Shahebrao Salunkhe Teacher Representative
6 Dr. Sadikali Fakirmohamad Sayyad Teacher Representative
7 Mr. Hrushikesh Ekanath Velis Teacher Representative
8 Ms. Bindu Chandrakant Ghodeswar Ladies Teacher Representative
9 Mr. Appasaheb Bhimraj Pokale Non teaching Employees
10 Mr. Sanjay Shivajirao Dighe Local member
11 Mr. Pravin Punja Dighe Local member
12 Student Representative Local member-Student
13 Student Representative Local member-Student
14 Dr. Machindra Jayram Chavan Principal - Secretary