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Department Of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the science which deals with the study of drugs. The word 'Pharmacolgy' derives from the Greek words Pharmakon (a drug or poison) and logos (discourse). It broadly covers the information about the history, source, physiochemical properties, physiological actions, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, therapeutic uses and toxicity profile of the drug.

The main aims of research in the department of pharmacology are to find out a therapeutic agent suitable for human use, study the toxicity of a drug and to study the mechanism and site of action of drugs. The major research interests of department include:

  • Screening of medicinal plants for pharmacological action.
  • Development of stable herbal formulation/Ayurvedic preparation suitable for human use.
  • Study of toxicity profile of medicinal plants and chemicals.

A multi compartment animal house is well furnished and designed to provide appropriate capabilities from breeding to housing for experimentation through weaning. It is built as per CPCSEA guidelines for housing small laboratory animals such as mice, rats, rabbits etc for routine practicals and pharmacological experimentation.


Major Instrument/Equipments

Sr. No. Instrument/Equipment Make and model
1 Electro-convulsometer Instrument & Chemical Pvt. Ltd
2 Histamine Chamber Omega
3 Digital Plethysmometer Medi-Caid Systems-Model-PM 707
4 Rota rod apparatus Omega
5 Cook’s pole climbing apparatus Techno Electronics
6 Tele thermometer Rolex
7 Pyrogen testing apparatus Rolex
8 Radiant Heat analgesiometer Techno Electronics
9 Digital Actophotometer Orchid Scientifics
10 Hutchinson’s Spirometer Rolex
11 Biochemistry Analyzer Tulip Coralab 3000
12 Elevated Plus Maze (Rat) Orchid
13 Elevated Plus Maze (Mice) Orchid
14 Morris Water maze (Rat) Orchid
15 Morris Water maze (Mice) Orchid
16 All maze video tracking software Orchid