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Department Of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmacy field that carries the impression of pharmacy profession. In general it encompasses the areas that involve designing, formulation and presenting a therapeutically useful chemical entity in a most appropriate drug delivery system such as tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. The comprehensive study of this subject necessitates integration of physical, chemical and biological principles, as applicable to all the components of drug delivery systems. In the present scenario, the discovery of various drug entities has enabled the development of new drug delivery system, advanced production processes and the latest machinery for manufacture of superior quality products.


Major Instrument/Equipments

Sr. No. Instrument/Equipment Make and model
Industrial Pharmacy Lab.
1 Spray Dryer LU-222 Advanced Lab Ultima
2 Rotary Tablet Compression Machine Jaguar JMD – 4- 8
3 Dissolution Test Apparatus USP Electrolab TDT – 08L
4 Viscometer Brookfield LVDV-1
5 Disintegration Test Apparatus USP Electrolab ED2SAPO
6 Kenwood Mixer Kenwood
7 Multipurpose Equipment & Coating
Pan Oil Free Air compression
Rimek Kolweka Orchid Scientific
8 Environmental Test Chamber Lab Hosp
9 Environmental Test Chamber Classic Scientific
10 Fluidized Bed Processor Cronimach
11 Extruder Spheronizer Cronimach
12 Tray Dryer S-Guru
Pharmaceutics Lab.
13 Diffusion Cell Orchid
14 High Speed Homogenizer Omni
15 Digital Weighing Balance SHIMADZU, BL2200H
16 Probe Sonicator SONICS (Vibracell)
17 Tube Crimping Machine Space Scientific Lab.
18 Ball Mill Bright
19 Ointment Filling Machine Labin
20 Bottle Sealing Machine Space Scientific Lab.
21 Centrifuge Labin
22 Capsule Filling Machine Space Scientific Lab.
23 Sieve Shaker Pritee
24 Tablet Friability Tester Labin Li-FT-1
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab.
25 Digital Colony Counter Diara MF 887
26 Digital Gel Electrophorosis Systronic Bioera
27 B.O.D. Incubator Class Scientific
28 Digital ultrasonicator Wenser
29 Laminar air Flow Teknik ICA 07
30 Binocular Microscope Kishor Scientific
31 Microspin Centrifuge Eltek-TC4815D
32 Orbital Shaking Incubator Class Scientific
33 Autoclave Equiptron 743/FA